About Cindi

Maggie Elizabeth Kennedy rode in a mule drawn wagon at the end of the nineteenth century from the Sandhills of North Carolina to attend a training school for teachers in Columbia, South Carolina. Years later, while in her nineties, she often told me the story of “The Little Match Girl” as I lay beside her, scared breathless for the little girl who would not survive the cold. Still, I listened, spellbound, to the sound of storytelling by a little lady from the country who had taught so many in her long life. It would have been altogether fitting for me to want to follow in the footsteps of my great grandmother and become an educator. However, I had no desire to be an educator.

I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.

reading class with teacher Cindi RigsbeeNonetheless, other forces prevailed in my life that led me to the honorable profession of teaching. And, like my great-grandmother, I believe it’s important to share stories – stories of the thousands of students I’ve taught since 1979.

So, yes, I am a teacher…and I am a storyteller. But I am also a cheerleader for teachers and a cheerleader for the profession that makes all other professions possible. I believe my Great Granny Maggie would be proud.

With 27 years of experience teaching middle school language arts, Cindi most recently taught reading at Gravelly Hill Middle School in Orange County, NC. She is currently “on-loan” as a Regional Education Facilitator to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction where she provides support and training to educators while working on recruitment and retention initiatives. Cindi holds a Masters of Education in Literacy and a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition, she is certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in Early Adolescence/English Language Arts.She and her husband David have four adult children and six adorable grandchildren. In their spare time, they like to walk their dog Jasmine (Jazzy) and watch her play with their newest addition, a rescued kitten named Cali who was born in a storm drain.


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