Teacher Again

by Cindi on June 17, 2022

This is a recurring theme in my career…and a perusal through my blog can prove it: no matter what jobs I do, I keep feeling the pull back to a classroom…with students! During my last two jobs, I served as a reading coach. Who wouldn’t love working with teachers, talking about instruction, choosing resources? It was magical. But I kept finding myself volunteering for activities that included kids: this past school year I volunteered to help out with the dance class. After the first week of dancing, I was reminded of what I’ve always known…middle school is my happy place.

So I asked to go back there.

I’m happy to be returning to the job I held for over half my career – 7th grade English/Language Arts teacher. I’m not, as my mama used to say, a “spring chicken.” This will be year 33 for me (and that’s AFTER taking seven years off when my kids were little). I’ve been at this awhile. But I’m as excited about this opportunity as I’ve been about any job along the way.

I’ve taught from home during a pandemic, I’ve returned to school (masked) with a handful of students in front of me and others on my computer screen (at the same time…STRESS!) And now I’m looking forward to what will surely be a NORMAL year. With NORMAL pre-teens. Right?

Bring them on. Let’s read, write, and think. I’m ready for August 10th.

My first year teaching was awhile ago. But my last year is yet to come for sure.

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