Finding Mrs. Warnecke: The Difference Teachers Make

(April 2010; Jossey-Bass Publishers)

“I was delighted to receive a copy of your book and to learn about your efforts to discuss the importance of teachers and education.”

– Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education

In my book, Finding Mrs. Warnecke: The Difference Teachers Make, you read about a teacher who impacted my life. If you had a special teacher who made a difference, and you’d like to share your story, please contact me, and I’ll publish your story on my blog.
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“A Springtime Memory”

in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales; 2010
There’s always that one special teacher or student, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales regales all educators with its heartfelt, inspiring, and humorous stories from inside and outside the classroom. Stories from teachers and students about their favorite memories, lasting lessons, and unforgettable moments will uplift and encourage any teacher.
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Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and our Public Schools
– Now and in the Future

(contributing author)
”A fresh take on the real future of teaching, Teaching 2030 delves into the myriad of issues that teachers face today and will confront in the future. Barnett and his colleagues pose bold ideas for recruiting and rewarding teachers. They point out how we should restructure accountability and more, in order to provide our nation’s children with the education they deserve.”
– Richard Riley, former U.S. Secretary of Education and former Governor of South Carolina
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