• Meet Cindi Rigsbee

    Maggie Elizabeth Kennedy rode in a mule drawn wagon at the end of the nineteenth century from the sandhills of North Carolina to attend a training school for teachers in Columbia, South Carolina. Years later, while in her nineties, she often told the story of "The Little Match Girl" as I lay beside her, scared breathless for the little girl who would not survive the cold. Still, I listened, spellbound, to the sound of storytelling by a little lady from the country who had taught so many in her long life. It would have been altogether fitting for me to want to follow in the footsteps of my great grandmother and become an educator. However, I had no desire to be a teacher.
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  • From The Dream Teacher Blog

    For Kobe

    January 31, 2020

    I have taught an “Introduction to Poetry” lesson during every one of my 30+ years of teaching, and I have heard the groans and the sighs and the exasperated moans of middle schoolers during every one of those years at the mere mention of what can be a difficult genre for them. Today, though, there were no groans as I began the lesson with, “Let’s talk about Kobe.”

    I had them all, eyes wide, some already glistening with tears, all wanting to share what they knew: “I heard they found him with his arms wrapped around his daughter”… “He played …

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    You Call Her PupPup!

    September 25, 2019

    David and I got married with a passel of children already in tow so we didn’t ever have what I referred to as a “common denominator child,” one that would be related to everyone in the house. Instead, after we’d been married 14 years, and our kids were all grown and gone, David started talking about a dog.

    He scoured the internet and all the shelters in the surrounding counties and found “Jet,” a black hound mix in Caswell County. We traveled there to look at him and while he laid his little puppy head on David’s shoulder, I picked …

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