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    Maggie Elizabeth Kennedy rode in a mule drawn wagon at the end of the nineteenth century from the sandhills of North Carolina to attend a training school for teachers in Columbia, South Carolina. Years later, while in her nineties, she often told the story of "The Little Match Girl" as I lay beside her, scared breathless for the little girl who would not survive the cold. Still, I listened, spellbound, to the sound of storytelling by a little lady from the country who had taught so many in her long life. It would have been altogether fitting for me to want to follow in the footsteps of my great grandmother and become an educator. However, I had no desire to be a teacher.
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    The Chicken Hut

    July 2, 2022

    I have been extremely stressed recently about the current status of the world. It seems that – no, it doesn’t “seem,” there actually IS such a divisiveness – on every topic…that we all have to “pick a side.” It’s heartbreaking, and I miss simpler days, days without so many opinions and arguments. During my most difficult times, I always return to my Granny’s house in the country. I can’t return there literally; my mama sold the house in 2011. It was quickly turned into a junkyard; the buyer just wanted the land so people could pay him to dump machinery, …

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    Teacher Again

    June 17, 2022

    This is a recurring theme in my career…and a perusal through my blog can prove it: no matter what jobs I do, I keep feeling the pull back to a classroom…with students! During my last two jobs, I served as a reading coach. Who wouldn’t love working with teachers, talking about instruction, choosing resources? It was magical. But I kept finding myself volunteering for activities that included kids: this past school year I volunteered to help out with the dance class. After the first week of dancing, I was reminded of what I’ve always known…middle school is my happy place.…

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